John Carroll Athletic Director (1974 – 1991)

Coach (1960-1991)

Mr. Carroll’s compassion for the players, students, and fans of Natick was reflected in his actions every day. His guidance and influence resonated with the young and young at heart in Natick and touched both the athletes and the student body at the high school. Respect of yourself and others was a key value that John preached to all.

As the Athletic Director, Mr. Carroll furthered the proud heritage of Natick High as one of the best athletic programs in the State. He treated all individuals and teams equally and pushed to insure that coaches, players, and fans enjoyed the athletic experiences at Natick. The facilities were second to none with sod fields, lights, bleachers, scoreboards, handicap parking, club houses, all essential parts of his program. When a player, competitor or spectator walked into an athletic event, they knew they were at the Home of Champions.John’s influence stretched to all members of the community. He reached out to the senior citizens of Natick and always made them feel part of the great tradition of Natick. As an educator, he was relentless in assuring that young adults, both athletes and non-athletes, reached their potential. He initiated and drove many students to college visits while introducing others to a trade. Mr. Carroll’s door was always open to all and his office was often crowded with people that cherished his guidance and friendship.

As a coach, John coached with passion for 32 years. He amassed over 500 wins and was the first coach in Massachusetts to break the 500 win barrier. His teams won a number of league championships. However, his biggest accomplishment was his love for his players. He was always heard saying “they are such good boys.”

He has been inducted into the Massachusetts Baseball Hall of Fame – 1981

John was an inspiration to all.

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